Can’t Find My Website on Google Search

Can't find website on Google

Stress mode.. Site is still not on Google. What to do now?

A client’s situation:

“I have not been receiving any enquiries via my website. I can’t find my website on Google search. Could this be the reason for the zero enquiries?”

The client had revamped his website three weeks ago, and therefore was hoping to get more traffic after the efforts to improve his website. Old pages were deleted, and replaced by new ones.

What many people fail to realise is whenever a website is revamped, or changed massively, then Google will have to re-learn the website. This is called Google indexing.

Perhaps this website had enjoyed a lot of traffic in the past, and then suddenly since launching the new content, the traffic plummeted.

What I can conclude is that this website had a good rank on Google before, hence the large numbers of visitors. And when the old content is gone, the website loses the Google rank as Google can no longer associate the keywords/meta tags to the lost content.

So, Google has to start afresh on your website and send its crawly robots to scour through the new content.

The result will have three possibilities:

1. If the new content is improved in terms of SEO and uniqueness, then most probably this client will continue to see a high volume of visitors, even higher than before.

2. If the new content is considered low quality to Google – e.g. slow loading website, keywords too competitive – then traffic will be lower than before.

3. If the SEO done is blackhat, and Google can sense a tinge of keyword dumping, then most probably your site will never be indexed at all, and will be banned totally.

Therefore, it is important to engage in whitehat SEO strategies, and plan unique content for your website. We should also make a conscious effort to create good content right from the start, so that there won’t be a need to go back and amend, and then see your ranking drop.

Even blogging makes a lot of difference to how Google sees your website. Businesses need to blog, and make sense of what they do to the society. The more quality content, the more frequent Google bots will visit and rank your website.

To blog or not to blog – I would definitely say, yes to blog! Even if it’s just one post in a month.

Social Media Marketing: Strategies for Small Businesses to Engage Customers

So you are starting a small business and would like to do your initial marketing just using social media. There are smart strategies to grow and engage your customers viasocial media marketing. But not many business pages on social media are including these.

More often than not, business pages are set up only to repeat the product details and the price of the product. Then the customers who have already bought the product will not find any more interesting stuff to look at, and won’t be settling for another product until they find a need to replace the one they have purchased from you.

Frootful SEM believes that social media marketing is about a positive two-way interaction between humans, that will result in a win-win situation. Why? Because satisfaction only comes when both parties – you and your customer – are happy with each other. The basic needs have to be met first, before the deliberate promotion of products/services.

Happy Customers Social Media Marketing

Happy customers stay when great social media marketing strategies are used.

Small businesses usually cannot afford the time to research the needs of their customers and provide quality service or content to them. There are thousands of opinions on social media marketing that you can find on the Internet, but applying these and understanding their effects will not be the right solution based on your business needs.

This is where we hope to support you in terms of recommendations to engage and enlighten your current and potential customers.

Social media marketing is an online marketing strategy that has to be started within a small niche – for a specific, unique purpose.

As a social media marketing service, the implementation will be done on an agreed schedule, and on request, we are also able to give reports based on the parameters that will be of priority.

Usually social media marketing strategies are done after the SEO service implementation. Read more about the SEO services by our company here.

Cost of Adwords VS Cost of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Would like to promote your business online but unsure of how to do it? How much will online advertising cost?

We recommend using Adwords ads and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

Adwords is a cost effective means to direct interested parties to your website when they search for the products or services that they need. In Singapore, Adwords is a popular option compared to Bing as most Internet users in Singapore regularly uses Google search to seek information just about anything.

However, someone who has no experience with setting up and maintaining an Adwords account will tend to waste money on unwanted clicks, which come from visitors that are not searching for your products or services. These “stray” visitors have arrived to your website because the Adwords campaign structure that you have created is not refined. Through optimisation, the total cost can then be lowered and the quality of visitors to your website will be improved. The visitors who arrive at your website will most probably be likely customers and will proceed to make an enquiry or a transaction.

SEO is a time-consuming, analysis-intensive but long-lasting method of marketing. This involves many aspects of the website in terms of the look and feel, and the backend tweaks, which basically means filling up the Web page with search engine friendly content. It might seem like an easy thing, but there is a lot of research work prior to defining the most suitable content which is user-friendly for the search engine and also your Web visitors.

Therefore SEO is an expensive service which many companies will think twice about adopting. Some even can’t afford to do it at all, or don’t realise the importance of it. But sooner or later, they will need it. You will gain plenty of cost savings in the long run and you can even go “free wheel” on marketing – no dependence on Adwords, hence minimal or no monthly advertising spend.

The cheapest option for marketing will be via social media and link building. Although this might be free, you will need to spend hours of manually registering on different social media portals, and placing information about your business services or products.

If you need an opinion on Adwords advertising or SEO cost, learn more from the experience of Frootful SEM.